4 Steps To Improve Sales & Profits With High Google Rankings.

Over the past few years, Google has been moving away from allowing the old archaic methods of keyword stuffing, link spamming, etc. Any quality search engine optimizer knows that techniques must be white hat as shady techniques (that may work now) will eventually bring a website to it’s knees whenever Google catches on. One way to build online visibility is to create content that people WANT to see and share…….

That sounds easier said than done. After all, there are literally millions of posts being created by billions of websites every single day. So, standing out in such a large field of competition can often be difficult. We’re going to show you how you can come up with content ideas that drive traffic and improve SEO without having to do a monumental amount of work.

Step #1: Find Content Ideas

Sure, you COULD brainstorm and try to come up with new ideas for material that people inevitably may or may not want to read. Instead, it’s ALOT easier to see what is already trending and simply improve upon it. For this task, we use a cool new tool called Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo allows users to search for keywords, sites, or topics and in turn, Buzzsumo will provide you with a list of content articles that are currently trending among the top social media sites. You can pick an idea from one of those articles (because we know they already work). make sure the articles are extremely relevant and in depth, that people will WANT to link to and share and not just the run of the mill “13 Things Darth Vader Taught Me About SEO”.

Step #2: Rewrite It

Take the existing idea and expand upon it. The key to this entire method lies on the fact that your content is better than the original.

Step #3: Get It In-front Of The Right People

Using open site explorer, you can go back to the original sites and see who actually linked to them. Their willingness to link to their content shows a genuine interest in the topic. Now, create a short email saying that you enjoyed what they wrote about the original piece, but you’ve discovered an even MORE informative article that is relevant to the topic. Keep the email short and sweet. Most likely, the large majority of those people will simply ignore you. however, if only a small amount of them decide to replace the old link with yours, it could be extremely beneficial. Not only could you gain a valuable link back to your site, but you can essentially draw in the traffic to an entirely new audience that otherwise may never have seen your site.

Step #4: Continue To Optimize

Just because a few sites decided to link to your content does not mean that your content will suddenly go viral. It’s necessary to continue your efforts in building up your site in order to expose more people to your work. To do this, we suggest utilizing Our Services as we have helped literally thousands of businesses to improve their site’s performance over the past few years.

With this 4 step plan, you are ready to take over the online world! With relevant content, you will quickly gain authority within your niche and greatly increase your flow of traffic. Good luck!

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